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Manual Handling

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Moving and handling in health and social care involves providing support to individuals to be able to move positions to ensure their comfort and health such as by preventing pressure sores

Moving and handling also refer to the handling, lifting, moving, and positioning of equipment. The equipment that you will typically be using will include hoists, slings, bath lifts, standing transfer aids, wheelchairs, and boxes.

You must ensure that you fully understand the individual’s care plan which will specifically detail how to safely move and position that individual based on moving and handling assessments as well as ensure that you are using the correct equipment.

You must ensure that you minimise any pain or distress the individual may have.

Promote active participation; encouraging the individual to be as independent as possible.

Promote the individual's dignity and privacy.

You must ensure that you follow your company’s policies, procedures, and the limitations of your own training; you must never undertake any tasks you have not received formal training for.

Aims of the Training and Assessment

  • This training is intended as a general refresher on your knowledge of manual handling and is not meant to replace the practical training that is mandatory before performing manual handling tasks.
  • This training will take approximately 1-2.5 hours to complete. Plus you must score at least 70% to pass the final assessment. 


  • Understand manual handling legislation
  • Determine the best principles for moving and handling equipment and objects
  • Identify the basics of human anatomy
  • Overview of some common manual handling techniques 

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  1. Manual handling legislation
  2. Principles for moving and handling equipment and objects safely
  3. Anatomy and Physiology
  4. Overview of common manual handling techniques